Garath von Tulloch

Anführer der Shining Blades


Garath was born as the third son of Ephram, Baron of Tulloch. First he joined the heironeous temple in Loregard as a priest, but soon he was recruited to the order of paladins connected to the temple.

He did his vows and joined the special order of the Shining Blades after he proofed himself worthy and able. He was sent out to investigate some undead threats which brought him in contact with a party of adventurers. Together they managed to secure a relic which would have brought destruction over the world if demons would have been able to get their hands on it.

They also managed to free Strathil from the old ruler, who was under the influence of demons and turned the city which was once full of life into a undead haunted hell on earth. After this, the troops of the united baronies arrived and defended the city against a huge demon army.

In this epic battle, the troops of the realm were almost completely eradicated and also the high commander of the shining blades fell at last. Garath took up his blade and destroyed the demon lord wielding the holy avenger and destroying the relic.

Due to the heavy losses there are not much paladins left in the realm, so Garath didn´t join some of the other heroes of Strathil in the fight against the undead armies in Chanlee, but returned to Loregard to begin the recruitment and training of new paladins as he is now the high commander of the Shining Blades.

Garath von Tulloch

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