Peron Deciric

König von Porthammer


Peron was born as the son of Aserdic Deciric, a captain in the army of Shieldhearth, and his wife Velaia. With 14 years he joined the army, following his fathers footsteps. The records show that he had some problems with authorities, also he had some difficulties with other men of his company.
He then disappeared, it´s said that he stole some precious jewelries of some wealthy daughters, including the Barons daughter Sarah.

A reward was offered for him, but this reward was dropped after he reappeared one year later as member of a group of adventurers which freed the baron and the barony from the influence of some vile Mindflayers.

Also the same group is now known as the heroes of Strathil, they fought with the united troops of all baronies against the demon army and freed Strathil. He managed to rescue Baron Tharilus from a collapsing building. After Tharilus was named King of all the baronies Peron asked for the hand of Princess Sarah and they were married.

After the (natural) death of his wifes father, Peron now is King. He is involved in bringing stability to the realm and tries to increase the education and the spirit of his people by founding schools and cultural institutions. He still sees Ianri a lot, who is still trying to purify the region of Chanlee. With the other “Heroes” of Strathil he has less contact due to them being very split up over the world and not letting a lot know about them anymore.

Peron Deciric

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