Dwain Eisenbart


Dwain was born in Khaz Kardt, the mighty dwarven mine in the east. His father Thorgam was a weaponsmith and after Dwain was born he immediately went to his forge and started crafting a marvelous axe, a dwarven axe, and engraved it with runes to protect and strengthen his son.

Unfortunately this runes didn´t protect Dwain´s mother, so as Thorgam arrives home with the axe the midwife informed him that his wife Noria had lost a lot of blood during the birth and was about to die. So Dwain was half an orphan by the age of 2 days. His father decided to never tell his son and married again 2 years later.

Dwain grew up knowing only his fathers new wife Stora as his mother. By the age of 5 his father handed him the axe he made for the first time, before that it was hanging over the fireplace of their home. Of course, Dwain wasn´t strong enough yet to wield this axe, but from that point on the axe was standing in the corner. “When you grown up to the blade, I will teach you how to use this weapon”. Dwain grew up, when he was 14 years old, he reached the height and his father started to train him. Also his father told him the dwarven rune letters and the common tongue and letters as he knew it would come in handy for his son, so he wouldn’t be illiterate.

By the age of 35, his father felt it was time for his son to learn a profession and also to know the truth about his mother. So he told him about his mother and Dwain was shocked and devastated. His whole life he thought of Stora as his mother and of his father like a dwarf who would never lie. Even as he knew deep down that his father had the best intentions by keeping the truth from him he couldn´t stand to stay with them any longer.

So he picked up the axe and his few other belongings and went to join the Khaz Kardt mountaineer miltia, a troop of soldiers which seldom come into the city but protect the mountains and keep the area free of orc, goblin or other vermin.

27 years he served in his division, 5 years as a private, 9 years as private 1st class before he was promoted to corporal and finally reaching the rank of a sergeant 10 years later. In his time in the service he fought a lot of goblins, trolls, giants, orcs and other more or less wild beasts which may have threatened the safety of Khaz Kardt or the surrounding lands.

But after this years he grew restless and he wanted to see the world, so he took his few belongings and started to travel through the world. He was accompanied by 3 friends. Rogar, a Blacksmiths apprentice, Branok, a fellow soldier from his unit and Turgam, a stonecutter. Together they traveled to Agramant, through the wastelands to the green fields of Tumblesteed and so on. They travelled till Porthammer, there Turgam decided to join a dwarven maison in his shop and left the group. The three continued their journey. In Elbrin, the capital of Falstat, Rogar decided to join an uncle of his in his business of weaponscrafting and so there were just Branok and Dwain left. Their journey already had taken 3 years now and they continued to travel for another year. Then the problems in Strathil and Chanlee arose and sadly they were in Strathil, as the evil Lord of the city turned his people into zombies and other undead creatures. He and Branok managed to get out of the city but Branok was seriously injured and died 3 days after their escape. Since then Dwain has a deep hatred against undead in him. He buried Branok and took his stuff to the Elbrin. There he found a dwarven caravan to Khaz Kardt and he gave them Branoks belongings to return them to his parents. At that day he also got the information, that his friend Rogar hasn´t returned from a business trip to Tumblesteed. The caravan had left a month ago and they should already have been back a week ago. So he went on to search for his friend.

Near Ostas, a small village in Tumblesteed, he met a party of adventurers and joined them in their fight against a goblin tribe. After that he separated from them to continue his search. On his search he encountered 5 goblins attacking a wolf mother protecting her cubs. Some cubs were already dead and as he killed the last goblin, 2 were killed by the wolf, the wolf was also dead. Only one cub had survived and it jumped between him and the cadaver of its mother snarling. Dwain was touched by this bravery and so he cleaned the battlefield and waited there with the cub. He threw the cub some meat and in the morning he could bury the wolf cadavers without the wolf disturbing him. Since then, the cub followed Dwain and he gave him the name Urfang.. Some days later again he met the adventurers near a big goblin hideout and together they eradicated the goblin scum. This is where he found Rogar, locked up in a cage and suspected dinner for a Barghest. Again he separated and returned Rogar safely to Elbrin. After that he returned to Brasetol, the capital of Tumblesteed, because he felt there may be use for his skills and his axe.

Dwain Eisenbart

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